When in Roam

Before we were glimmers in their eyes
Classic Forest Lake shot of the three of us — circa 1974
  • Gun suicide is the cause of nearly two-thirds of all gun deaths in America each year
  • Domestic violence always spikes during times of prolonged financial stress. And access to a gun in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely that a woman will be killed.
  • Community violence — which takes a disproportionate toll in the same Black and brown communities that are impacted by COVID-19. Black children and teens are 14 times more likely than white children and teens of the same age to die by gun homicide.
  • Unintentional gun violence. Approximately 4.6 million children live in a household with at least one gun that is stored loaded and unlocked.
Some of my peeps!
  • If you’re not already a member of Moms Demand Action, you can join the nearly 6 million supporters and over 350,000 donors that are part of the movement. All you have to do is text 64433 and type the word HONOR to honor someone you know who’s been impacted by gun violence.
Moms Demand Action — Passaic New Jersey Chapter
  • If you are already a member go to your next chapter’s meeting. It’ll be virtual don’t worry.
  • If you go to your chapter meetings, get involved in a project that maps to your interests. One of the great things about Moms is the resources we have — the fellow members and the staff are some of the most supportive, knowledgeable, and righteous folk I’ve ever met, and the training we have access to is tremendously helpful.
  • Or consider donating at momsdemandaction.org or in honor of my dad, Sheldon Fertig here.



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Howie Fertig

Howie Fertig


Kids are off the payroll, home is sold, spending the next six months roaming the U.S.A. airbnbing it and working virtually to find our next Happy Place!